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Businesses today are integrating social responsibility into their daily operations. LimoGreen provides the perfect solution through our alternative-fuel limousine services. We work with the industry's best operators to convert a portion of their fleets to new, alternative fuel vehicles and replace miles driven in polluting, gasoline vehicles with miles driven in cleaner, lower-emission vehicles that promote energy independence. Founded and managed by a team with entrepreneurial experience in the transportation industry, LimoGreen brings the corporate relationships, operational expertise and marketing services that enable existing limousine companies to enhance their businesses and meet the needs of their most important clients.

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Our operators are here and standing by. Get ready to have some fun with our eco friendly vehicles.

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We are always on time. Almost as if the sound comes from a bell. Just give us a ring.

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At Limo Green, we make it easy to book a limo. Try booking online to reserve your date instantly.

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Safety first! It's always our first priority to ensure your safety during your service.

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We boast the best, most environmentally safe limousines on the market today in 2016.

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Our limousines can hold up to 20 people. They don't call them stretch limousines for nothing!

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