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Events That Require Limousines

Limousines have an atrocious reputation for being over prices. In fact, this may not even be the case; this is just something that people have spread through word of mouth or a couple of terrible experiences that they might have had. In reality, there are many different companies, and all of them have their rates. Just like anything else or any other product or even service all businesses have their rates. Also, it is important to remember that not only do they have their rates, but they will also vary in the way they have their services and treat their customers. This is why it is important for one to look into these things before hand and research what type of service they are looking for and how much their budget is. Setting a budget is critical because it will help you narrow your options down and make sure that you can justify a service or not. For instance, if something is overpriced and does not fit your budget you will know not to waste your time and move on. There are several events that require limousines, below some of them are listed.


Prom is usually an event that takes place at the end of the year for Seniors that are graduating high school. It is a fun event that celebrates all of the hard work of elders and to gift them and spoils them with fun before they step into the new chapters of their life. This is an event hat all friends want to celebrate together. What better way is to do that by travelling to the before together. The more time you spend, the better, it will be for you. Also, it will be fun on your way back as well because you will get to get a ride with all of your favourite people.


Being the bride and groom is not an easy task when it is your wedding day. However, family and friends make it easier. Which is why a lot of the times the bride and groom want their family and friends to be part of every particular moment including their drive to the venue, it also makes coordinating everything a lot easier than coming separately to ensure none is late. By getting a limo, you can do just about that and that too with ease.

Overall, there are many events that one hire a limo company for. A lot of people even hire limo companies for dull meetings or birthdays. It is all about what you want to do. The more time you spend researching into it, the longer, it will take. This is why it is always smarter to do your research, so you do not end up wasting your time. Make sure you are not holding anything back and are asking all the questions that you need to be able to be comfortable with the service that you are getting.


Benefits Of Limousines


Many times people have an important event that is very special to them that they are going to be attending. The vehicle that you roll up into that event with makes a huge difference. It is part of making that event more unique and making the entire experience of the game more fun. For instance, the ride there is exciting because there is a lot of build up and starting the party mode the right way. Once the event is over, having a limo as your ride makes sure that your fun does not end right away and you still have some moments to enjoy to wrap things up before the party is fully over. There are many benefits of getting a limo as your ride that people do not realize. One can utilize a limo for several different events. The most common places that these are used are weddings, prom and birthday parties. People find that a limo is a great option because it helps kick start the party in the right manner. It also induces the feeling of being special, which is something someone who is going to prom, getting married or if it’s simply their birthday would like to feel like.

Carries More Passengers

One major advantage that always stands out when thinking of a limo is the fact that it can carry multiple people at once. Even though a van and other types of SUV’s maybe able to do the exact same thing it is not the same. It is not the same because you can carry even more that seven or eight passengers making the investment worth it. A lot of times people end up spending a lot of time thinking about it, but when going to prom, you want to get a limo because the more the people you will be able to fit the better.

Cheaper Alternative If You Are Splitting Costs

For an event like prom, this is the perfect option for you because it will be very affordable. Many times people end up spending a lot of their money on limos that are not even worth it, but if you are splitting the cost you will not even feel the payment, and it will not be too costly for you, which is why you can actually consider the option rather than just ignoring it and not going for it.

Overall, if you are someone who is wanting to get a limo, then you should consider doing your research and looking for options. There are several companies that one can choose from, which also means that their services will be different, and the rates they offer will also vary. It is your responsible to look into each of the options closely to make sure you end up choosing the perfect match for yourself and do not end up wasting your money and end up having a terrible event. The more you look into the companies the better chance you will end up making.


Questions To Ask a Limousine Service Company.


Limousines used to be a vehicle for the movie stars, politicians, and wealthy businessmen. However, this is no longer the case since hiring limousines is nowadays more affordable and you can hire them for special occasions like hen parties, stag, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and trips.

Questions To Ask a Limousine Service Company

Ask the limousine company how long they have been in the market. The more the years the company has been in operation, the more experienced they are. A limousine company with more experience is more reliable.

The limousine service company should have a license in order to operate. Before booking any limousine services ask for the licenses from both the federal authority and local state operating authority.

Ask the limousine service company if they have commercial insurance coverage. If the company tells you that they have insurance coverage, ask them to give you the certificate of coverage.

Ask the company if they have any affiliation with reputable organizations like the National Limousine Association. You can also ask for their local livery association.

Testimonials are very important as they help you make a background check and enquire about the limousine company’s client. This will help you determine how the limousine company delivers its services. If the testimonial is favorable, it is a good idea to hire the service.

Before hiring the limousine, ask if you could see it. If this is not possible, ask the limousine service company if they could send you an email with all the details including things like the size of the limousine and the passenger ratio.

The company should be able to tell you about the fleet of vehicles they have. There are different types of limousine vehicles depending on what you want. Some of them include super stretch limousines, standard stretch, escalades, SUV hummers, Sedans, Rolls Royce, party buses, shuttle vans or some that look corporate and big enough for five or more people.

Different companies have different pricing strategies. Some may base their pricing strategy by the hour and some may charge per event. Ask if there are any overtime availability and overtime charges. Another important question to ask the limousine service company is if they have a starting time policy.

In most cases, your time starts at the time of the initial pick up. Other companies may charge you from the time the chauffeur leaves the garage. This is why it is very important to know the answer to these questions to help you know how much you will have to pay.

Most of the companies have a mandatory gratuity policy for their drivers. It is a good idea to confirm this to ensure that you don’t duplicate gratuity. After asking the paying service charge for the chauffeur, find out if the chauffeur is experienced and has undergone any training and screening process.

If you have decided to take an SR limousine, for example, let the company provide you with the original copy of the contract and its terms and conditions. You also have to ask for important documents from the limousine services.